DECD: Community Development

Community Development at DECD


A community’s physical environment profoundly affects the lives of its people.  That’s why DECD actively supports infrastructure improvements that enrich the fabric of life in communities statewide.

We work in concert with municipal leaders, public agencies, community groups and other partners to carry out a wide range of community development and rehabilitation initiatives.  These may range from small-scale housing construction or rehabilitation, public infrastructure, downtown streetscapes, and rehabilitation of cultural venues such as museums, theaters and cultural centers.

DECD's Office of Municipal Development (OMD) utilizes four major programs to support Community Development activities throughout the State.  OMD is the agency’s principal point of contact for Connecticut’s municipalities and non-profits seeking financial and technical assistance from the state for community development activities.  This office is responsible for management of DECD's community development projects under the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program,  and the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) The department also provides financial support to several community development programs across the state, including the Energy Conservation Loan and Connecticut Main Street  programs.

Office Contact:  Marilyn Taylor 


Phone: (860) 270-8161