DECD: The Connecticut Advantage

Connecticut is a great place to start or grow a business. Why? The state provides the competitive advantages companies need to succeed in today's global marketplace. 
Connecticut has one of the highest percentages of corporate and divisional headquarters and fifteen Fortune 500 companies call Connecticut "home".
Connecticut By the Numbers
10 more reasons Connecticut is a great place to do business: 
  • Connecticut's workers are among the most productive in the nation, ranking fifth among states.
  • Connecticut is a leader in patents, ranking 7th in the nation.
  • Connecticut is a leader in business research and development, ranking #4 per capita.
  • Connecticut ranks 8th in states ready for growth in the "New Economy".
  • Connecticut is a leader in venture capital deals, which are key to the development of small business, ranking #8.
  • Connecticut is ranked as the nation's 5th most innovative state. 
  • Connecticut is a leader in finance and insurance, ranking #1 in total employment.
  • Connecticut ranks fifth for the best quality of life of any state.
  • Connecticut has a highly educated workforce ranking third with an adult population with advanced degrees.
  • Connecticut ranks 6th in the number of scientists & engineers in the workforce. 
Interested in learning more?  Contact the Connecticut Business Response Center at 1-800-392-2122.