DECD: DECD Financing

Growing businesses need capital, and no state realizes and responds to that need better than Connecticut.  Whether the financing requirement is equity investment, fixed asset purchases of land, building acquisition, leasehold improvements, working capital, or the purchase of machinery and equipment, there are a multitude of financing programs available to support businesses large and small. 
State programs include direct funding from the Department of Economic and Community Development and Connecticut Innovations.  In addition, there is a network of local and regional revolving loan funds across the state to assist businesses with their financing needs.
Below you can find a description of financing opportunities as well as our state and regional partners.  For additional information you may also contact:
Michelle Peters
Department of Economic and Community Development
(860) 270-8052
  DECD Financing       

Eligible uses for MAA funds

    • Planning, including but not limited to: feasibility studies, engineering, appraisals, market studies and related activities
    • Acquisition of real property, machinery or equipment or any combination, provided such assistance does not exceed the fair market value
    • Construction of site and infrastructure improvements relating to a municipal or business development project
    • Construction/renovation/demolition of buildings
    • Relocation expenses for the purpose of assisting manufacturing or other economic-based businesses to locate, construct, renovate or acquire a facility
    • Working capital in conjunction with a business development project
    • Business support services such as labor training, day care, energy conservation, pollution control, recycling and the like, in conjunction with other state agencies
         Financing Partners
Regional Lending Partners