DECD: Technical Assistance

 Technical Assistance

DECD, both directly and through its partner network, offers a broad range of programs and services to help businesses maintain their competitive edge.  These programs and services include:
  • new business opportunities in government bid work;
  • financial resources for land, buildings, machinery and equipment and working capital;
  • utility rate incentives for energy conservation/loan management;
  • workforce development and training assistance;
  • engineering assistance with issues such as ISO certification, lean manufacturing, plant layout and supply chain management;
  • site selection assistance for new business facilities;
  • fast-tracking of permits through state and local regulatory agencies;
  • export assistance; and,
  • energy cost reductions through the use of sustainable energy products such as solar, wind and fuel cells.
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Organizations providing technical assistance include:
  • SCORE Overview and insight on the process of establishing and operating a business.
  • Institute for Sustainable Energy - Relating to energy education, energy policy, energy efficiency, energy conservation and load management, renewable energy, distributed generation, protection of environmental resources, and the dissemination of information on energy alternatives and sustainability.