DECD: Resident Services Coordinator Program

Resident Services Coordinator Program
History:  Public Act 98-263 created the Resident Service Coordinator Program.
Purpose:  The Resident Services Coordinator (1) assists residents to maintain an independent living status, (2) assesses the individual needs of residents for the purpose of establishing and maintaining support services, (3) maintains regular contact with residents, (4) monitors the delivery of support services to residents, (5) advocates changes in services sought or required by residents, and (6) provides mediation and conflict resolution services between residents.
Source of Funding:  DECD is authorized to use general fund appropriations to provide grants-in-aid to sponsors of state-assisted rental housing for the elderly.
Process:  Based on annual appropriations, DECD may solicit for new applicants.  Once applications are received, DECD makes a determination which applications can be funded within the available appropriation.