DECD: Elderly Rental Assistance Program

Elderly Rental Assistance Program
History:  Public Act 97-2 of the June 18, 1997 Special Session, effective July 1, 1997, created the rental assistance progam in state-assisted elderly housing.  Note:  Previously the program was administered by the Department of Social Services.
Purpose:  The Elderly Rental Assistance Program provides rental assistnace to low-income elderly persons residing in DECD-assisted rental housing for the elderly.  Such housing must comply with applicable state and local health, housing, building and safety codes.  DECD contracts with not-for-profit organizations as well as Housing Authorities who provide rental subsidies in accordance with an approved contract.
Source of Funding:  DECD is authorized general funds to assist elderly persons to pay their rent, if their rental charge exceeds 30% of their adjusted gross income.
Process:  State-financed elderly housing providers submit annual budgets and tenant rent rolls to determine the rent and the amount subsidy needed based on the individual needs of the tenants.