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 Notice of Public Comment Period
  Pursuant to the provisions of 24 CFR 91, the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), has prepared the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for the 2008-2009 Program Year
 Notice of Public Comment Period 09-10
  Pursuant to the provisions of 24 CFR 91, the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) has prepared the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for the 2009-2010 Program Year.

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 DECD: Connecticut Defense Data

 DECD: Connecticut Export Data

 DECD: Connecticut Housing Information
 Median Sales Prices for Connecticut Housing
 Connecticut Housing permits for LMAs January 1998 to present
 Summary / Year - to -Year Comparison 2010
  The annual revised 2010 housing permit data is now available. The data includes annual totals for all 169 towns. The attached file contains permit data at town and county levels.

 DECD: 1998 Connecticut Town Economic Data / 1997 to 1998 % changes
 DECD: Connecticut Income Information
 DECD: Per Capita Personal Income 1973-1996 for CT

 DECD:Connecticut Population, Land Area, and Density by Location
 DECD: Connecticut Population Information
 Connecticut Town Population Estimates
 DECD:Connecticut Population Population by Town 1756-1820
 DECD:Connecticut Population Population by Town 1830-1890
 DECD:Connecticut Population Population by Town 1900-1960
 DECD:Connecticut Population Population by Town 1970-2000

 Connecticut Economic Digest Monthly Issues

 Connecticut Manufacturing - Is There Reason for Optimism?
 Industry Clusters - Manufacturing Process
 Transportation and Public Utilities: Economics in Motion
 Industry Clusters - Smart Start Up
 Employment Estimating Methods Evolving
 State Acclaimed - December/2000 Economic Digest Article
 An Uneven Recovery, 1993-97
 Industry Clusters - Cluster Activation
 Positive Signs for State Economy in 2000
 NAICS - A New Look at Connecticut Industry
 Industry Clusters - Aerospace Core Created January 2000
 A Closer Look at Worker Displacement
 Housing Sector Remained Strong in 1999
 Industry Clusters - Cities Championed
 Keep Connecticut’s Home FIRE Burning
 Industry Clusters - Bradley at Crossroads
 Expansion at Last!
 Annual Revisions to Nonfarm Employment and Labor Force Estimates
 A Tale of Large Cities: Population and Jobs
 Hartford: An Update
 Industry Clusters - Workforce Development
 UI Covered Employment Approaches a Record Level
 Inner City 10 - November/2000 Economic Digest Article
 Which Industries are Important to Connecticut?
 Industry Clusters - Going Global
 Construction Strikes Back
 Industry Clusters - You Belong in CT

 Area Employment Projections to 2008
 Town/City Profile: Danbury
 BioScience Update - April/2001 Economic Digest Article
 Continued Employment and Wage Growth in Third Quarter 2000
 UI Covered Employment Reaches a New High in 2000
 Expanded Current Population Survey and its Effect on Labor Force Data Estimates - August 2001
 Teaching Entrepreneurship - August/2001 Economic Digest Article
 A Primer on Personal Income
 Occupation Profile: Secondary School Teachers
 Industry Profile: Child Day Care Services
 Access 2001 Winners Named - December/2001 Economic Digest Article
 State Wholesale Trade Examined
 Industry Profile: Security and Commodity Brokerages
 Software/IT Success - February/2001 Economic Digest Article
 Economy's Strengths Sustainable?
 Town/City Profile: New Haven
 Occupational Profile: Computer Engineers
 Focus on Bradley - January/2001 Economic Digest Article
 Housing 2000: Strong & Steady
 Hartford Leads in Jobs, as Stamford Tops in Wages in 2000
 Gross State Product Grew 4.7 Percent in 1999
 Ask the Digest - July 2001
 Statewide Call - July/2001 Economic Digest Article
 UI Covered Employment Sets New Record, Wage Growth Continues
 Connecticut’s Bustling Cities
 Town/City Profile: Hartford
 Occupational Profile: Registered Nurses
 Entrepreneurship Awards
 Employment Projections: 1998-2008
 Expansion Continued in 2000
 Coincident and Leading Employment Indexes Recalibrated for the New Millennium - March 2001
 Maritime Launched - March/2001 Economic Digest Article
 Occupational Employment Forecast to 2008
 2000 Population Increased for 139 Cities and Towns
 META Leads New Cluster
 Business Starts and Terminations by Industry
 The "X" Economy
 Town/City Profile: Hamden
 Call for 2002 Inner City 10 Entrepreneurship Award Entries - November 2001
 Multiple Jobholding Trends
 Town/City Profile: Bristol
 Occupation Profile: Correctional Officer
 Bioscience Leader Pfizer - a Catalyst in New London - October 2001
 Growth Momentum
 Running Towards a Healthy Economy
 Ask the Digest: What are Business Cycles?
 Legislature, Governor Advance Cluster Initiatives - September 2001

 Union Membership Trends
 Industry Profile: Insurance Carriers and Agents
 Town/City Profile: South Windsor
 DECD Recognized for Economic Development Efforts - April/2002 Economic Digest Article
 UI Covered Employment Declines in 2001 - First Time in Eight Years
 Out-of-State Executives Impressed with Connecticut - August 2002 Economic Digest Article
 NAICS Implementation is Underway
 New Beginnings
 Government Sector Trends
 New Marketing Campaign and BioScience Office Announced - February 2002
 2002: A Year to Keep the Hope for a Stronger Economy
 Identifying Turns in Connecticut's Economy
 Occupation Profile: Carpenters
 CT Scores Straight A's on National Economic Development Report Card - January 2002
 Making Sense of Census
 Occupational Profile: Systems Analysts
 Town/City Profile: Windham
 First Business Training Network to Enter Phase Two Development - July 2002 Economic Digest Article
 The Connecticut Business Cycle: A Short History (1939 - 2002)
 Industry Profile: Instruments and Related Products
 Connecticut Receives Top Honors at ICIC- Inc Magazine Inner City 100 Ceremony - Jun/2002 Economic Digest Article
 2001: A Recession Odyssey
 Confidence in Connecticut Business Climate Sustained
 Occupational Injuries and Illnesses in 2000
 Connecticut Emerging as Hot Spot for Bioscience and Information Technology
 Occupational Profile: Home Health Aides
 Agriculture Announced as State's Newest Cluster - May/2002 Economic Digest Article
 Connecticut Industry Employment Outlook to Fourth Quarter 2003 - October 2002
 Grant Establishes Greater Valley Manufacturing Training Network - October 2002 Economic Digest Article
 Greenwich Tops in Wages in 2001
 Mass Layoff Trends in Connecticut
 The State of the Housing Industry
 Occupational Profile: Librarians
 Major Steps Taken in Hartford's Inner City Business Strategy - September 2002 Economic Digest Article

 Industry Clusters - Bio-Tech Cluster Advances August 1998
 Retail: Help Wanted!
 Industry Clusters - Economic Board Convened  December 1998
 Employment and Wages Peak to Trough To Present
 The Danielson Area: On A Fast Recovery Track
 Industry Clusters - CURE Leads Bioscience November 1998
 Industry Clusters - Exports Up 1.5 Percent October 1998
 Industry Clusters - Cluster Based Exports Proposed September 1998

 1998 Exports Reach All Time High
 Industry Clusters - Cluster Supply Chains April 1999
 County Trends Examined
 Industry Clusters - Meeting Local Demand, August 1999 Economic Digest Article
 Much Ado About Services
 Industry Clusters - Software/IT Announced December 1999
 Baby Boomers - Drivers Of Change
 The Patriots Are Coming! The Patriots Are Coming!
 Industry Clusters - 1999 Legislation Planned February 1999
 1999 Economy Will Slow, But Continue To Grow
 The Minimum Wage Debate: The Latest Rounds
 Industry Clusters - Progress Reported January 1999
 1998: A Stellar Year for Housing
 New Haven Leads in Jobs, as Greenwich Tops in Wages
 Industry Clusters - Regional Links, July 1999 Economic Digest Article
 Introducing the Connecticut Manufacturing Production Index
 Connecticut Agriculture: A Growing Industry
 Industry Clusters - Urban Cluster II , June 1999 Economic Digest Article
 1998 Economy: At Full Speed
 Industry Clusters - Lean Manufacturing is Focus March 1999
 Connecticut's Occupational Structure: A Regional View
 Defining Employment
 Industry Clusters - Urban Clusters
 Connecticut Business Climate Index Launched
 Connecticut’s School-to-Career System
 Industry Clusters - Business Training Grants November 1999
 Information Technology Helps Pace Job Growth
 Industry Clusters - Q2 YTD Exports Even, Oct 1999 Economic Digest Article
 Gross State Product Reviewed
 Industry Clusters - Human Resources, Sept 1999 Economic Digest Article

 Connecticut Towns Listed by County
 Connecticut maps
 Connecticut Towns Listed by LMA
 Connecticut Towns Listed by Service Delivery Area

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 Connecticut Market Data
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 1999 Connecticut Market Data

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 DECD: 1996-1997 Connecticut Town Profile Data Files
 DECD: 1996-1997 Connecticut Town Profiles Glossary of Terms
 DECD: 1996-1997 Connecticut Town Profiles
 DECD: 1998-1999 Connecticut Town Profile Data Files
 DECD: 1998-1999 Connecticut Town Profiles Glossary of Terms
 DECD: 1998-1999 Connecticut Town Profiles
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