DSS: Nursing Facility Appropriated Funds for Rate Increase

Nursing Facility Appropriated Funds for Rate Increase

Pursuant to Section 377 of Public Act 15-5, June Special Session, the Department of Social Services is authorized to provide Medicaid nursing home rate increases to support wage and benefit enhancements.

The Department is gathering information to comply with Public Act Number 15-5. The information you provide may be used to calculate your nursing facility's pro-rata share of available monies appropriated for wage and benefit enhancements. Use Nursing Home Rates SPA 15-032 (link below) as a guide to completing the form. To be considered in your facility's pro-rata share calculation, the document must be completed and submitted to DSS. If any of the information requests are not applicable to your facility, indicate N/A on the form and return it with your submission. Please note, the attestation (request #4) must be completed and submitted.
Follow the links below for more information regarding the wage enhancement.

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