DSS: About ConneCT: DSS Service Modernization

About ConneCT: DSS Service Modernization

The Department of Social Services' customer service modernization initiative - called ‘ConneCT’ - provides applicants, clients and the general public with multiple access points to the federal and state programs we administer.


DSS is now available online (www.connect.ct.gov), on the phone (1-855-6-CONNECT, or 1-855-626-6632), and in person at 12 offices (www.ct.gov/dss, click on Field Offices).





• Current DSS clients can visit www.connect.ct.gov to set up online accounts (called ‘MyAccount’) and get benefit information and report changes in income, household size or other factors without visiting or calling their local DSS office (please see Highlighted section below).  Please remember to update MyAccount with your client ID number, when received; look for the ‘Associate Case’ section of your MyAccount to do this.


•  Clients and the general public can visit www.connect.ct.gov to apply online for services.  If you are a new applicant, you will be asked to open a MyAccount to process your online application.  Once eligible for services, please update MyAccount with your client ID number, when received; look for the ‘Associate Case’ section of your MyAccount to do this.


• Clients and the general public can also visit www.connect.ct.gov to check on food, cash and medical service eligibility through a handy pre-screening tool (called ‘Am I Eligible?’).


• The ConneCT online portal is also available on the main DSS webpage at www.ct.gov/dss.



Online ‘change’ reporting is here!


DSS clients are now able to report changes and upload supporting verifications/documents through their MyAccount (online client benefits account)! This is especially helpful for clients in reporting income changes, household member changes, and other eligibility-related information and documentation. Please follow this link for more about this new option.

By Phone:

DSS now has a single, statewide toll-free number for client access.  To reach our Client Information Line & Benefits Center:
• Call 1-855-6-CONNECT (1-855-626-6632)
(TTD/TTY 1-800-842-4524 for persons with speech or hearing difficulties)
• Follow the prompts to get the information you need
Our new automated ‘interactive voice response’ telephone system will help DSS clients get the information you need without waiting to speak to an eligibility worker.  You will also have the option of speaking to a worker, if you choose, during business hours.
Please use this new, toll-free service instead of the local DSS numbers you have been using.  This Client Information Line service is available 24/7.  You can also connect directly to a worker in our Benefits Center by following the phone menu prompts, Monday through Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.  The Benefits Center is staffed with workers dedicated to answering your questions, processing change requests and providing you with information about other resources.
In Person:
• DSS services are available at 12 field offices.  For list, please visit www.ct.gov/dss and click on Regional Offices. 
Please follow this link for an open letter to DSS beneficiaries, providers and advocates.
Applying for DSS Services:
Connecticut residents can apply for most DSS services by mail, online, or in person.  For further information, please visit links below, or call 1-855-6-CONNECT.

Quick access to the Department of Social Services.
      • Am I Eligible (DSS benefits screening tool)
      • Apply for Benefits (online application option) 
      • MyAccount (check your DSS customer benefits)

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