DSS: Employment and Training - Your Path to Employment

Employment and Training - Your Path to Employment

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps) recipients throughout Connecticut may be eligible to participate in an Employment and Training Program.  The Employment and Training program was created by Congress in 1987 as a means to assist able-bodied clients in obtaining employment.  From the start, the purpose of the Employment and Training program has been to help SNAP households gain skills that will increase self-sufficiency. States are allowed flexibility in designing and operating their Employment and Training programs.

If you are receiving SNAP in Connecticut, and not receiving financial assistance from the Temporary Family Assistance program, you may be eligible to participate in one of the following activities; English as a Second Language, General Equivalency Diploma, Adult Basic Education, Work Experience or Structured Job Search Skill Training.  The Connecticut Employment and Training program also offers short term vocational programs at several area colleges and nonprofit providers.
To watch a brief video about the SNAP Employment and Training program, click on the blue arrow in the video window.

DSS has currently partnered with eleven organizations to provide these Employment and Training program services. They are:
  1. Career Resources
  3. Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board
  860-859-4100 ext. 22
  4. The Kennedy Center
  203-573-9077 ext. 200
  6. Opportunities Industrialization Center
  New London 
  7. Gateway Community College  
  New Haven  
  9. Goodwin College   
  East Hartford 
10. Workforce Alliance   New Haven   203-624-1493 x270   
11. Northwestern CT Community College   Winsted   860-738-6419

All eleven have entered into agreements with DSS to help eligible SNAP recipients gain the skills they need to find employment in the current job market. All eleven do their own recruiting and will be happy to discuss their programs with Connecticut SNAP recipients. Interested persons do not need to live in the town where the services are provided and may self-initiate at any location.

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