DSS: Employment Services

Employment Services


SNAP Employment and Training
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients throughout Connecticut may be eligible to participate in an Employment and Training Program.  This service was created by Congress in 1987 as a means to assist able-bodied clients in obtaining employment.


Jobs First Employment Services
The Jobs First Employment Services program provides employment services to time-limited recipients of Temporary Family Assistance, the state cash assistance program for eligible families administered by the Department of Social Services. The JFES program is administered by the Department of Labor, in partnership with DSS.

Other employment programs include:

Department on Aging Community Service Employment Program

The Senior Community Service Employment program provides job skills training to low-income individuals, age 55 and older.


Department of Rehabilitation Services 

The Department of Rehabilitation Services maximizes opportunities for people in Connecticut with disabilities to live, learn and work independently.  Programs include: Connect-Ability, which provides individualized benefits planning and counseling to identify and remove barriers to employment faced by those with disabilities.



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