DSS: Refugee Assistance Program

Refugee Assistance Program

The Office of Community Services of the Department of Social Services (DSS) is responsible for disbursing federal funds related to the resettlement of refugees in Connecticut.  Refugees are assigned by the U.S. State Department to local affiliates of national voluntary resettlement agencies in Connecticut.  DSS disburses federal refugee assistance program funds, administers refugee cash and medical assistance programs and monitors resettlement activity for individuals who qualify as refugees under international law.  A refugee can request to become a legal permanent resident after one-year residence in the U.S. and can apply for U.S. citizenship five years after their date of entry to the U.S.
DSS regional offices administer the Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) and Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA) programs for refugees for up to eight months from their date of entry to the U.S.  DSS also provides refugees with temporary family assistance/cash assistance, medical coverage and food stamp assistance under those public assistance programs since refugees qualify as legal non-citizens.
The State contracts with the following resettlement agencies to provide case management and employment services to refugees:
  • Catholic Charities Migration & Refugee Services, 35 Groton Street, Hartford, CT 06106, (860) 297-7800, www.ccaoh.org
  • International Institute of CT, Inc., 670 Clinton Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605, (203) 336-0141, www.iiconn.org
  • Episcopal Social Services (dba) Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, 235 Nicoll Street, New Haven, CT 06511, (203) 562-2095, www.irisct.org
  • Jewish Federation of CT, Inc., 40 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT 06105, (860) 727-5701, www.jfact.org
  • Connecticut Coalition of Mutual Assistance Associations, Inc., 143 Madison Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106, (860) 236-6452, www.ccmaa.org
The following are the total number of new refugee arrivals to Connecticut for the corresponding federal fiscal years (October 1 through September 30):
FFY 2002  747                 FFY 2005  536                 FFY 2008  381                 FFY 2011  447  
FFY 2003  209                 FFY 2006  324                 FFY 2009  351                 FFY 2012  436
FFY 2004  408                 FFY 2007  502                 FFY 2010  507                 FFY 2013  548
                                                                                                             FFY 2014  545

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