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Jobs First - Employment Services

Employment Services

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Jobs First Employment Services, provided by the Department of Labor, are designed to rapidly move recipients of Temporary Family Assistance into employment and toward self-sufficiency. DOL uses the balanced work first approach to create individualized employment plans with immediate goals taking into account barriers and other factors. For more information visit the DOL web site.


Who Must Participate in Employment Services

All recipients of Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) who are subject to the time limits have to participate in the Employment Services program. Additionally, individuals disqualified from the program but whose children are still eligible are required to participate and to make a good faith effort to find a job and go to work as soon as possible.


Exceptions to this requirement are only made for:

  • Children under 18 years old, except for minor parents who are not in school;
  • Individuals aged 60 or over;
  • Incapacitated individuals;
  • Individuals who are needed in the home to care for an incapacitated household member;
  • Individuals caring for a child under age one if the child is not subject to the family cap when the parent is not a minor parent who has not completed high school or its equivalent;
  • Pregnant and postpartum women who are unable to work;
  • Those individuals who are determined by the Department to be unemployable.
  • Minor parents attending school and their children are not subject to the time limit. Minor parents not attending school are not eligible for the program. 

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