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Protective Services

Protective Services for the Elderly (PSE)

This program is designed to safeguard people 60 years and older from physical, mental and emotional abuse, neglect and abandonment and/or financial abuse and exploitation. DSS social workers devise a plan of care aimed at assuring an elder's safety while preserving the person’s right of self-determination. Staff may help the person remain in the living situation he or she prefers, safeguard legal rights, prevent bodily injury or harm, determine service needs and then mobilize resources to provide necessary services.

The Social Work service plan may include crisis intervention, arranging for and coordinating any of the following services: adult day-care, companionship, counseling, homemaker, home health care, home-delivered meals, long-term care or, if necessary, emergency convalescent placement.

In extreme cases, DSS can seek court authorization to provide services to a person who appears to “lack the capacity” to give consent to reasonable and necessary services to assure personal safety. Under certain circumstances, the Department may apply to the Probate Court for the appointment of a Conservator whose role is to make decisions on behalf of an incompetent person.

Follow this link to the Protective Services for the Elderly brochure.  
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Follow this link to the optional Report Form for Protective Services for the Elderly. (W-675)
Please FAX the W-675 form to 860-424-5091.

To report cases of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation, call the toll-free In State referral line at 1-888-385-4225, Out of State call Infoline at 1-800-203-1234.

After Hours Elder Abuse Emergencies, In State call Infoline at 211, Out of State call Infoline at 1-800-203-1234.

Conservator of Estate (COE)
In certain circumstances, the DSS Commissioner may be appointed as the Conservator of Estate for frail elderly persons sixty years of age or older, if the person is incapable of managing his or her own financial affairs.

Conservator of Person (COPP)
The DSS Conservator of Person Program is administered by staff who represent the DSS Commissioner and are appointed by the Probate Court to supervise the personal affairs of an individual who has a critical need for someone to act on their behalf due to mental or physical disability.

Long Term Care Investigations and Interventions
Public Act 99-176 redirected the reporting to and investigation of abuse, neglect and exploitation of nursing home residents from the Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman to the Office of the Commissioner of Social Services.  This responsibility is assigned to the Bureau of Aging, Community, and Social Work Services.  The Social Work unit will screen all calls and written reports relating to this matter.  Reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation should be made to Social Work Services utilizing the form W-410 and should be faxed to 860-424-5091.  Please contact the Social Work unit at 860-424-5964 for any questions regarding this procedure.

Follow this link to view Mandated Reporter form


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