DSS: Medicaid for the Employed Disabled
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DSS: Medicaid for the Employed Disabled

Medicaid for the Employed Disabled

What is the Medicaid for the Employed Disabled program?

On October 1, 2000, the Connecticut Department of Social Services implemented a new program called the Medicaid for the Employed Disabled program, to help people with significant disabilities keep their Medicaid (Title XIX) benefits while they work.

How can the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services assist me with work and Medicaid coverage?

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) provides vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities who need assistance to prepare for, find or keep a job. BRS counselors can help you understand how, under Connecticut’s new Medicaid program, you may be employed and still qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Your BRS Employment Plan will identify your unique employment-related needs, and may include such services as:

• benefits counseling, to help you access other services you may need in order to be employed

• vocational counseling

• job search assistance

• skill training and career education

• on-the-job training

• assistive technology services such as adaptive equipment for work activities, mobility and communication

• vehicle and home modifications

• supported employment services

• coordination with other support services you may need to meet your employment goals


How can benefits counseling help me to go to work and also receive Medicaid?

Before you go to work or increase your earnings, you should know how this will impact your benefits. BRS can assist you with individualized benefits planning and counseling. The new Medicaid program may allow you to improve your financial situation by going to work or increasing your earnings, while maintaining needed medical and personal assistance services.


How do I know if I am eligible for the Medicaid for the Employed Disabled program?

• You must be working (including self-employment);

• you must have a significant disability, based on Social Security standards;

• you must have income of no more than $75,000 per year (above that income limit, you may qualify, if you have impairment-related work expenses);


• your liquid assets, such as bank accounts, may not exceed $10,000 ($15,000 for a couple).

If I go on the Medicaid for the Employed Disabled program, what services can I receive?

Persons eligible for Medicaid under this program receive all regular Medicaid services. Some individuals also may be eligible for personal assistance services.

Is there a cost to me to obtain this Medicaid coverage?

Eligible individuals may be charged a premium depending on income level.

Can I receive Medicaid if I become disabled while I am employed?

You need not lose your job because you become disabled. If you meet the disability and income/asset criteria, you would be eligible for Medicaid.

What if I lose my job after I go on the Medicaid for the Employed Disabled program?

If this happens, the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services will provide services to assist you to return to work.

People receiving benefits under this program who temporarily lose employment may continue their Medicaid eligibility for up to one year, if:

• the loss of employment was due to a health crisis or involuntary dismissal, and the individual intends to return to work after the crisis has passed, or

• the individual is looking for new employment.


The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services is here to help you with employment!

 During 1999-2000, BRS helped more than 1,700 people get and/or keep jobs, with average earnings of $10.51 per hour.

If your ability to work is being impacted by a disability, contact the nearest BRS district office (see back panel).


To reach the
Bureau of Rehabilitation Services:

Bridgeport: (203) 551-5500

Hartford: (860) 723-1400

New Haven: (203) 974-3000

Norwich: (860) 887-3546

Waterbury: (203) 578-4550


All numbers are TDD-equipped.




 In compliance with the

Americans with Disabilities Act,
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(860) 424-4839 (TDD/TTY).


The Department of Social Services is an Equal
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