DSS: Preventive Services to Families

Preventive Services to Families


In cooperation with other human service agencies, municipalities, and community based agencies, DSS coordinates, plans, delivers and funds a variety of programs and services to support families. Through these funds and through direct provision of services families receive counseling, education, case management, home management, etc., to help reduce conditions of impoverishment or dependency. DSS social workers along with community workers coordinate the appropriate services. Programs include:


Community Based Services to Families

The Community Based Services to Families Program provides prevention, intervention and treatment services to individuals and families. Supportive activities, which include homemaking service, child care, and emergency foster placement are provided by private agencies and individuals.


Eligibility depends on income levels related to Medicaid, certification of need by a physician or agency and social worker judgement.



Shelter Services for Victims of Household Abuse

This program provides shelter services, including support staff, emergency food and living expenses and social services for victims of household abuse. It is also intended to reduce the incidence of household abuse through preventive education programs. The Department contracts with non-profit organizations to provide these services in their localities.

Shelter services are provided to victims of abuse and their children. Sixteen programs operate shelters around the state, offering stays up to 60 days. Two program arrange emergency shelter in private host homes for up to 72 hours. Support services are provided to victims and their families that do not require emergency shelter. These services include telephone hotline crisis counseling, information and referral, in-person counseling and support groups, and assistance in obtaining services from other providers. Preventive education programs are provided for those who are directly involved in abusive situations, community groups and the general public.



Families in Training

The Families in Training Program provides parent education and community support services to expectant parents and parents of children under age three. Such services include providing information and advice to parents on their childís language, cognitive, social and motor development, visiting a participantís home on a regular basis, organizing group meetings for neighborhood parents of young children and providing referrals for parents who need special assistance or services.



Human Resource Development Program

The Department makes grants to non-profit agencies and municipalities for operation of social service programs designed to have a major impact on the elimination of poverty or its causes. Programs provide information and referral services, employment, training and job placement, counseling, education community organization, advocacy and recreation. A significant number of the grants provide funding for grantee agency administration. Since the state legislation allows the funding of virtually any program that is designed (locally)to eliminate poverty, service delivery systems vary widely from one-on-one counseling or information and referral to group training and education and organizing neighborhoods and community groups around issues affecting their daily lives.

Through the program, the Department funds community based programs run by local municipalities with the purpose of eliminating poverty through developing employment opportunities, and improving human performance, motivation, productivity, physical and mental health, and well-being, or by bettering the conditions under which people live, learn and work.

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