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  SPA 15-045 – Updating Procedure Codes on Dialysis Clinic Fee Schedule

  SPA 15-046 – Updating Reimbursement Rate of Laboratory Code

  SPA 15-048-Revising Physician Office and Outpatient Fee Schedule

  SPA 15-049-Medication Administration Prompting by Home Health Aides

  spa 15-043 audiology and slp reimbursement- website notice.pdf

  spa 15-044 addition of new meningococcal vaccination - website notice.pdf

  spa 15-047 changes to the reimbursement for physician pathology medicine and surgical

  SPA 15-042 – Inpatient Supplement Payments to Acute Care Hospitals

  SPA 15-038 – Ambulance Reimbursement

  SPA 15-014 – Behavioral Health Homes

  SPA 15-24 Alternative Benefit Plan Amendment forBehavioral Health Homes

 SPA 15-028 – Limit Orthodontia Coverage     

 SPA 15-034 – Hospital Outpatient Reimbursement    

 SPA 15-035 – Primary Care Provider Increased Payment  

   SPA 15-036 – Pharmacy Reimbursement and Over-the-Counter Coverages    

 SPA 15-037 – Private Behavioral Health Clinic Reimbursement  

   SPA 15-039 – Reimbursement for Obstetrical Providers    

 SPA 15-041 – Pharmacy Extended Prescription Coverage and Over-the-Counter Update1  

Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-031 – Supplemental Reimbursement for Obstetrical Providers.

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-032 Nursing Facility Reimbursement

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-033 - Private Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IIDs)

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-029 Payments to Acute Care Hospitals

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-030 – Clarifying Amendment to Alternative Benefit Plan (ABP) Regarding Various Behavioral Health Services  

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-027 – Limit Bitewing X-rays for Children  

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-026 – Federally Qualified Health Centers - Alternative Payment Methodology for Utilizing Electronic Consults for Specialty Care

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-020–Physician Radiology Professional Component Reimbursement

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-021–Independent Radiology Fee Update

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-018 - Outpatient Hospital Reimbursement for Specified Services

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-015–Obstetric (OBS) Rate Type Restructure

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-019–Rehabilitation Clinic Reimbursement

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-022 – Community First Choice – Alternative Benefit Plan (ABP)

 Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-016 –Medical Equipment, Devices and Supplies Reimbursement

Medicaid State Plan Amendment # 15-012 – Community First Choice

 Medicaid State Plan Amendments 15-004, 15-005 and 15-010 - Services to Treat Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Pursuant to EPSDT

Medicaid State Plan Amendment:

Notice of Changes and Proposed Changes to the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) StatePlan (HUSKY B Program)

  Application for 1915(c) Home and Community Based Waiver for People with Serious Mental Illness in Nursing Homes(1.15 MB)

  Medicaid & Citizenship Requirements (273KB) (Versión en Español) (273KB)

  Farmers Markets Accepting Food Stamps/EBT

  Medicare Part D Federal Reimbursements - Letter to Municipalities

  Medicare Part D Federal Reimbursements - General Information

  SAGA Interim Reimbursement Extension (28KB)

  spa 15-038 ambulance .pdf     spa 15-038 ambulance .pdf  

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