DSS: Reporting Changes

Reporting Changes


Changes which affect your program eligibility must be reported to the Department of Social Services within 10 days.


To report changes, please call the DSS Client Information Line and Benefits Center at 1-855-6-CONNECT.
Be sure to include your client ID number handy.


Examples of changes you should report are:



Changes in income


You start employment
You change employers
You end employment
You start to receive unemployment compensation

Your unemployment compensation ends
You start to receive social security
You start to receive child support payments
Any other changes in income over $100.00 per month


Changes in living arrangements 


Someone moves into your household

Someone moves out of your household

You move
You get married
You get divorced
You become pregnant

You give birth
You enter a drug treatment program, rehabitational facility or hospital for over 30 days


Other changes 


You receive an inheritance

You receive a lawsuit settlement
You open or close a bank account
You buy or register a motor vehicle
You enroll in school, change schools, quit or graduate


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