DSS: Financial/Work


The Senior Community Service Employment program (SCSEP) offers employment and training opportunities to interested older persons wishing to remain in the workforce. 
This program assists individuals with significant physical and mental disabilities to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. 
Connect to Work Program for People with Disabilities
The Connect to Work Center provides individualized benefits planning and counseling for people on public benefits. 
These programs help individuals and families to obtain employment and become self-sufficient.
Step by step instructions on how to use your EBT card.
Safety Net Services
Safety Net services provide the family with basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing, as well as offering counseling to help remove barriers to employment for those that have exhausted their 21-months of Temporary family Assistance. 
SAGA gives money to help adults without children who are unable to work for medical reasons.  The program also helps families who are not eligible for other department programs.  
The State Supplement program gives money to help people with disabilities and the elderly meet basic living costs.  
TFA is a cash assistance program for basic and special needs which are paid to recipients of Jobs First.  
Jobs First Employment Services, provided by the Department of Labor, are designed to rapidly move recipients of Temporary Family Assistance into employment and toward self-sufficiency.

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