DSS: ConnPACE and Medicare Savings Programs

ConnPACE and Medicare Savings Programs

Due to a change in the Connecticut state budget, effective July 1, 2011, ConnPACE will no longer be available to individuals who are eligible for Medicare.   For individuals who are NOT eligible for Medicare, ConnPACE benefits will NOT change.  If you are eligible for both ConnPACE and Medicare, however, you will no longer have ConnPACE effective July 1, 2011.  If you have not already done so, we encourage you to apply to the Medicare Savings Program to lower your Medicare costs.  There is no asset test for this program, and the income limits are the same as those used to determine eligibility for ConnPACE.  This means that if you have recently qualified for ConnPACE, you may be eligible to join one of the State of Connecticut’s Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) to help pay the cost of your Medicare coverage.
What are the benefits of enrolling in the MSP?
• Being enrolled in both the MSP and Medicare Part D automatically qualifies you for the LIS/ “Extra Help.”  This means your Medicare Part D co-pays will be $6.30 or less.  This also means that Medicare will cover the entire monthly premium if you are enrolled in a Connecticut-approved Medicare Part D benchmark plan and will pay a portion of your monthly Part D premiums if you are enrolled in a non-benchmark plan.  If you receive the LIS/ “Extra Help” benefit, you may switch to a different Medicare Part D Plan at any time; you won’t have to wait for the open enrollment period.

• Once you are approved for the MSP, the Department will pay your monthly Medicare Part B premiums ($96.40-$115.40 per month), which means that you will receive more in your Social Security check every month.

• Some individuals who are eligible for the MSP may even qualify to have their 20% co-insurance and Medicare deductibles covered by the state.

All individuals on ConnPACE prior to July 1, 2011, should have received a ConnPACE letter explaining the July 2011 changes to ConnPACE.  For individuals on ConnPACE and Medicare, who had not yet signed up for the MSP, a MSP application was included with the letter.
If you have not already done so, you can apply for MSP by simply filling out an application form and mailing it to:
Adult Services, 10th floor
25 Sigourney Street
Hartford, CT 06106

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