DSS: Many Farmers' Markets Now Accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

Many Farmers' Markets Now Accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

Farmers Markets and Farm Stands 
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Putting Healthy Food Within Reach
Many Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands throughout Connecticut now can accept EBT/SNAP (Formerly known as Food Stamps). This means you will once again be able to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables that arrive more quickly and fresher than those transported long distances from other states and countries. Simply bring your EBT card to the table with the sign that says "SNAP/EBT accepted here" at participating Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands. The Market Master will swipe your card for the amount that you want and give you Market Tokens that can be used at all the stands at that market.
To watch a video about using your EBT at a Farmer's Market, click on the blue arrow in the video window.
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For Up-to-date information on Farmers' Markets, visit the Farmers' Market page at the Department of Agriculture's website

The number of farmers' markets licensed to accept SNAP benefits is increasing nationwide.  As people discover the benefit of buying fresh, nutritious, local products, farmers and farmers' markets are seizing the opportunity to broaden their customer base by adding a SNAP payment option.
For questions contact:
Kristin Krawetzky, EBT Supervisor, (860) 424-5756

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