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 Care4Kids - Introducing
 Care4Kids - Child Care Links
 Child Care Information
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 Child Care - Program Overview
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 Child Care Regions
  This map outlines the Child Care regions for the state. The map is interactive and by clicking on a region, will take you to a larger view of that region.
 Child Care Northwestern Region
 Child Care Southwestern Region
 Child Care North Central Region
 Child Care South Central Region
 Child Care Eastern Region
 Child Care - Windham Area
 Child Care Centers
  Child Care Centers

 CHCPE - Application Downloads
 CHCPE - Assessment of Spousal Assets
 CHCPE - Contact Information
 CHCPE - Program Eligibility
CHCPE Alternate Care Unit
 CHCPE - Contact Locations
 CT Home Care Program for Disabled
  new pilot program for persons with neurodegenerative diseases
 Assisted Living Program
  Learn more about the CT Home Care Program Assisted Living Options.
 CT Home Care Program for Disabled
  Program for clients with neurodegenerative diseases
 PCA Service Under CHCPE
  personal care attendants, CT Home Care Program for Elders, new waiver service
 Long-Term Services and Supports
 List of Certified Adult Day Centers
  adult day center, CT Home Care Program for Elders
 Transfer of Assets 2013
  CT Home Care Program Transfer of Assets information
 PCA Service Under CHCPE
  personal care attendants, CT Home Care Program for Elders, new waiver service
 CHC Functional and Financial Eligibility

 Energy Assistance - Guidelines
 Energy Assistance - Winter Heating Assistance - program dates
 Energy Assistance - Winter Heating Assistance Benefits
 Energy Assistance
  Need help paying for heat during the cold weather? Applications are now being accepted for winter heating assistance benefits. See if you may be eligible and where to apply.
 The Connecticut Weatherization Assistance Program
 Daily Fixed Margin Oil Prices
 Weekly Fixed Margin Prices
 Energy Assistance - Vendor Information
 November 2005 Cumulative Prices
 December 2005 Cumulative Prices
 January 2006 Cumulative Prices
 February 2006 Cumulative Prices
 March 2006 Cumulative Prices
 Cold Weather Preparedness Tips
 November 2006 Cumulative Prices
 January 2007 Cumulative Prices
 Energy Assistance Winter Heating Safety Tips
 December 2006 Cumulative Prices
 February 2007 Cumulative Prices
 March 2007 Cumulative Prices
 Useful Energy-Related Web Links
  Do you want to further investigate energy-related issues
 Tips For Preventing Heat-Related Illness
  Stay cool during the heat
 November 2007 Cumulative Prices
  fixed margin prices
 December 2007 Cumulative
  Oil & Kerosene prices for December 2007
 January 2008 Cumulative Prices
  Cumulative prices for deliverable fuels in January 2008
 February 2008 Cumulative Prices
  February 2008 Cumulative Prices
 March 2008 Cumulative Prices
  Cumulative oil and kerosene prices for March 2008
 Refugee Assistance Program
 Where To Apply - Community Action Agencies for Connecticut Energy Assistance Program
 Energy Assistance - Frequently Asked Questions
 Useful Energy-Related Web Links
 To Report Fraud
 Am I Eligible and How Do I Apply?
 Program Information & Guidance
 Statewide Accomplishments
 Connecticut Weatherization Program in the News and on the Web
 Funding Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
 Energy Saving Tips
 Weatherization - Contact Us

 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
 How to Access Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefits Using Your EBT Card
 Governor Rell: Food Stamp Recipients Can Get Extra Help if Food Spoiled from Fairfield County Power Outage
  Governor M. Jodi Rell announced today that Fairfield County residents who receive Food Stamps can get replacement benefits if their food has spoiled in this month’s storm-related power outage.
Food Pantries - Fairfield County
Food Pantries - Litchfield County
Food Pantries - Middlesex County
Food Pantries - New Haven County
Food Pantries - New London County
Food Pantries - Tolland County
Food Pantries - Windham County
Food Pantries - Hartford County
Connecticut Food Pantries By County
Employment and Training - Your Path to Employment

 Healthcare for UninSuredKids and Youth (HUSKY)
  The HUSKY Plan is Connecticut's free or low-cost health insurance program for children and youth up to age 19.
 Did You Know? - HUSKY Health Facts
 HUSKY Plan contact Information
 HUSKY & Medicaid

 Jobs First -Sanctions and Penalties
 Jobs First - Sixty Month Time Limit
 Welfare Reform - Support and Benefits
 Jobs First -Temporary Family Assistance
 Jobs First -Time Limits
 Jobs First -Table of Contents
 Jobs First-Twenty-One Month Time Limit
 Jobs First - Work Test Assessment
 Jobs First - Family Cap
 Jobs First - Cases
 Jobs First - Child Care Assistance
 Jobs First - Employment Services
 Jobs First - Executive Summary
 Jobs First - Experimental Design
 Jobs First - Extension of Benefits
 Jobs First - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
 Jobs First - At A Glance
 Jobs First -Background And History
 Jobs First - Individual Performance Contracts
 Jobs First - Medical Assistance
 Jobs First - Minor Parents
 Jobs First -Service Needs Assessment
 Jobs First - Principles and Objectives
 Jobs First-Safety Net
 Jobs First - Introduction

Durable Medical Equipment
Durable Medical Equipment (Spanish)
 Health Care
Medicaid for Employees with Disabilities - Information
 Medicaid for the Employed Disabled
 Vocational Rehabilitation Program
 Programa de Rehabilitación Vocacional

 Bureau of Aging, Community, and Social Work Services
 Mission Statements
 Protective Services
 Prevention Services
 Disability Services
 Upcoming Events and Conferences
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 Social Work Services Overview
 CT Council for Persons with Disabilities
  Recruiting for Council members.
 Community, and Social Work Services - SWS
 Bureau of Aging, Community, and Social Work Services - CS
 Elders & People w/Disabilities

 Connecticut Traumatic Brain Injury Implementation Project
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