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 Many Farmers' Markets Now Accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  Learn How You Can Use SNAP at Local Farmers' Markets
Department of Social Services Mobile Office
  The DSS Rx-Xpress is a mobile Medicare Rx assistance center operated by the Connecticut Department of Social Services and CHOICES (Connecticut’s program for Health assistance, Outreach, Information and referral, Counseling and Eligibility Screening), providing Medicare Rx assistance and eligibility screening for benefits to older adults and persons with disabilities
 Medicare Savings Programs: Good News for Many Medicare Enrollees
  The State of Connecticut offers financial assistance to eligible Medicare enrollees through our 'Medicare Savings Programs.' These programs may help pay Medicare Part B premiums, deductibles and co-insurance. More people are eligible now than ever before.
 Application for the Medicare Savings Programs
 Additional Help - the Low Income Subsidy
 DSS Clients May be Eligible to Have Pets Spayed/Neutered/Vaccinated at Low-Cost
  If you are eligible for one or more of seven DSS programs, you may also qualify to have your pet spayed or neutered, and vaccinated, at a discounted price through the state Department of Agriculture’s Animal Population Control Program. Please follow this link for details and application.
Information for Visitors to the Department of Social Services Central Office
  During the summer of 2014, Department of Social Services’ central administration moved from 25 Sigourney Street to 55 Farmington Avenue in Hartford.
 Please click here to view the State of Connecticut’s application to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for funding under its Demonstration to Integrate Care for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees.
  Please follow the link above to see draft copy of the demonstration, and to get details on how to comment or ask questions about the Demonstration.

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 TANF Plan 2011 to 2014 Draft -- Comments Form
  The State of Connecticut is preparing a comprehensive TANF Plan 2011 to 2014
Commissioner - Department of Social Services
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 Contracts - (CSS) Child Support Services
 Contracts - (MFP) Money Follows the Person
 Contracts - (SNS) Safety Net Services
 Contracts - (RAP) Refugee Assistance Program
 Contracts - (MED) Medicaid
 Contracts - (ECH) CT Energy Assistance
 Contracts - (FSP) Food Stamp Nutrition & Education
 Contracts - (DWS) Disability Waiver Services
 Contracts - (HHD) Human Resources Development - Hispanic
 Contracts - (FIP) Fatherhood Initiative Program
 Contracts - (CBG) Community Services Block Grant
 Contracts - (FAM) Family Services - Miscellaneous
 Contracts - (FSE) Food Stamp Employment and Training
 Contracts - (TPP) Teenage Pregnancy Prevention
 Contracts - (NF) Neighborhood Facilities (Bond Funds)
 Contracts - (CSV) Community Services
 Contracts - (CHC) Connecticut Home Care
 Contracts - (SBG) Social Services Block Grant
 Contracts - (TTW) Transportation to Work
 Contracts - (EFP) Emergency Food Program
 Contracts - (NP) Non-Spending Plan
 Contracts - Other - TECH, etc.
 Contracts - (SSP) Emergency Shelters for Domestic Violence
 Contracts - (HUO) Husky Outreach
 Contracts - (NSP) Nutrition Supplemental Program
 Contracts - (ITS) Information Technology Services
 Contracts - (ACU) Alternate Care Unit
 Contracts - (CEN) Central Processing
 Contracts - (MOP) Medical Care Operations
 Contracts - (QUA) Quality Assurance
 Contracts - (HRD) Human Resource Development
 Contracts - (HUS) Husky Plus
 Contracts - (DEN) Dental Outreach
 Contracts - (HSF) Hurricane Sandy Funds
 Contracts - (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury
 Contracts - (BHP) Behavioral Health Program
 Contracts - (MMX) Medicare Maximization
 Contracts - (HSI) Human Services Infrastructure Initiative
 Contracts - (CTF) Children's Trust Fund
 Contracts - (OSD) Organizational & Skill Development

HIPAA and Your Privacy Rights

Expired Contracts
 HHD - Expired Contracts
 HRD - Expired Contracts
 SBG - Expired Contracts
 CSV - Expired Contracts
 NSP - Expired Contracts
 CBG - Expired Contracts
 FAM - Expired Contracts

 Human Services Infrastructure - Q & A
 Human Service Infrastructure Initiative is Launched By DSS
 The Vision For Connecticut's Human Services Infrastructure
 Connecticut’s Human Services Infrastructure
 Human Services Infrastructure - Liaisons
 Connecticut’s Human Services Infrastructure - Related Links

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 Legislative Panel Acts on Bill No. 5617
 State Brings Criminal Charges and Civil Claims Action against Stamford-based Dental Provider Alleging Medicaid Fraud
 Press Release - 9/25/2014

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HUSKY (Medicaid) Coverage for Breast and Cervical Cancer

 Request For Proposals / Quotations/Applications
 DSS Releases HUSKY Outreach Request for Applications (RFA)
  HUSKY Outreach RFA implements Governor's $1 million initiative to boost the number of children and teenagers enrolled in Connecticut's HUSKY Healthcare program.
 RFP Archive
 HUSKY & Charter Oak Bidder's Library

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