DRS: Corporation Tax Credit Guide

Connecticut Business Tax Credits  

Tax Credits for Connecticut Business Investments

Enterprise Zone for Qualifying Corporations

Fixed Capital Investment

Insurance Reinvestment Fund

Machinery and Equipment Expenditure

Second Insurance Reinvestment Fund

Service and Manufacturing Facilities

Urban and Industrial Site Reinvestment






Tax Credits for Creating Jobs and Developing a Connecticut Workforce

Apprenticeship Training in Manufacturing,
Plastics, Plastics-Related, or Construction Trades

Human Capital Investment





Tax Credits for Film, Television and Digital Media

Digital Animation

Film Production

Film Production Infrastructure






Tax Credits for Research and Development

Research and Experimental
(Incremental) Expenditures

Research and Development
(Nonincremental) Expenses





Special Incentive Tax Credits

Donation of Land

Electronic Data Processing Equipment Property Tax

Green Buildings

Historic Homes Rehabilitation

Housing Program Contribution

Historic Rehabilitation

Neighborhood Assistance Act Program





Tax Credits That Have Been Phased Out

Historic Preservation

New Jobs Creation

Historic Structures

Small Business Guaranty Fee

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