DRS: CT-1041 EXT

Form CT-1041EXT, Application for Extension of Time to File Connecticut Income Tax Return for Trusts and Estates. If the trust or estate cannot meet the filing deadline, the fiduciary must file Form CT-1041 EXT and pay all of the tax the trust or estate expects to owe on or before the due date. Filing this form will automatically extend the due date for five and one half (5 1/2) months for calendar year taxpayers, if a federal Form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Certain Business Income, Information, and Other Returns, has been filed. If federal Form 7004 was not filed, the fiduciary can apply for a five and one half (5 1/2) months extension for calendar year taxpayers, to file Form CT-1041 provided there is reasonable cause for the request. You are not required to attach a copy of the federal extension request to Form CT-1041 EXT. Form CT-1041 EXT only extends the time to file Form CT-1041; it does not extend the time to pay the tax due. To find the form or further instructions, click here.

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Connecticut business taxpayers can electronically file most Connecticut business tax returns using the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC-BUS). The TSC is an interactive tool that provides a free, fast, easy, and secure way to conduct business with DRS. Click here for more information.