DRS: Current - CT-706

Estate and Gift Tax

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Name Type Description Revised
CT-706/709 Booklet 2013 Connecticut Estate and Gift Tax Return Instruction Booklet 2013
CT-706/709 Return 2013 Connecticut Estate and Gift Tax Return -Fillable 2013
CT-706/709 EXT Form 2013 Application for Estate and Gift Tax Return Filing Extension and for Estate Tax Payment Extension -Fillable 2013
Return 2013  Schedule CT-709 Farmland -Fillable 2013
C-106 Table Interest Rates on Underpayments and Overpayments of Succession and Transfer Taxes and the Estate Tax 2002
Form  Application for Certificate Releasing Connecticut Estate Tax Lien for estates of decedents dying on or after January 1, 2005 2011
Form C-3 UGE  Form State of Connecticut Domicile Declaration 2011

NONTAXABLE Estate Tax Return

Return 2013 Connecticut Estate Tax Return (For Nontaxable Estates) - Fillable 2013
2013 Connecticut Estate Tax Return (For Nontaxable Estates) Instruction Booklet 2013
Return Application for Extension of Time for Filing Form CT-706 NT 2012
Form Life Insurance Statement (Estates must complete and attach federal Form 712 to Form CT-706 NT) 2005