DRS: Register Your Business

Registration Options

TSC - If you register online and there is a fee, you must make direct payment from your savings or checking account.  Credit Card payments are not accepted.  If you register for Sales Tax, Room Occupancy or Over-the-counter Cigarette Dealer (Retailer), a temporary permit will be available to print immediately.  BE SURE TO PRINT A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS.  Once you have the temporary permit you may begin using it immediately.  The Confirmation Number will serve as an official acknowledgement that your application has been received by DRS and act as your temporary tax identification number.  You will receive your registration package with your permanent Connecticut tax registration number in approximately 15-20 business days. 

Register a New Business Online

PAPER FILING - Complete and mail the Application.  In approximately 2-3 weeks you will receive notification by mail that your registration has been processed.  Reminder: If you will owe a registration fee, payment (by check or money order) must accompany the application.

 Registration/Applications page

Local OfficesYou may apply in person at our any of our field officesIf you apply in person during business hours, you will receive a confirmation of registration immediately.  Bring a photo identification (driver's license, for example) and a check or money order if you will owe a registration fee.  (The application must be signed by the individual owner, partner, officer of the corporation, member of the limited liability company or another who has written authorization to sign in the form of a Power of Attorney. If anyone other than the owner brings the signed application to the office and wants to obtain the registration for the owner, he or she must have written authorization from the owner to obtain the registration on his or her behalf.)