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Welcome to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Individual Income Tax Information portal.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Regarding mandatory e-filing for 1040ES as well as Annual Sales tax filing  - “Recognizing the potential inconvenience for taxpayers at this time and limited benefit to the state, DRS has determined that (1) individuals will NOT be required to make estimated income tax payments electronically and (2) annual sales tax filers will NOT be required to file or make payments electronically. Taxpayers are still urged to take advantage of the ease, speed and certainty of filing and paying taxes through the DRS on-line Taxpayer Service Center (TSC) or by phone through Telefile.”

FILING REQUIREMENTS - Use this section to learn Income Tax filing requirements for residents, part-year and nonresidents.
INCOME TAX INFORMATION- Use this section to obtain answers to specific income tax questions, issues, programs and common filing misconceptions.
RESOURCES - Use this section to get links related to outside agencies and resourceful information.