DRS: Job Opportunities at DRS

Career Opportunities at DRS

The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) uses a variety of job classes to accomplish its mission of administering tax laws and collecting revenue in the most cost-effective manner.
DRS looks for people with backgrounds in Accounting, Business Administration, Customer Service, Computer Science, and Finance.
While most positions at the agency are directly related to the tax administration process, there are also careers in other areas.

Permanent Full-Time Positions

Temporary Positions


Job Application Forms

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 The Department of Administrative Services' (DAS) website also provides employment and exam information at a state-wide level. Go to the DAS website to obtain job descriptions, exam announcements and job postings state-wide.

   Careers in Tax Administration:

   Other Careers Within the Agency:

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Assisting and educating

Connecticut taxpayers

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Computer systems development

and maintenance

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Verifying the accuracy and

completeness of tax returns

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Budgeting and other fiscal activities

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Conducting investigation of

suspected tax evasion cases

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Legal research & statistical analysis

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Basic and advanced clerical

support functions

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Professional duties related to

human resource management

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Collecting delinquent taxes

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General accounting, bookkeeping

and purchasing functions

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Auditing taxpayer accounts