DRS: CT Department of Revenue Services & IRS Warn of New Scam to Steal Refunds

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March 17, 2017


CT Department of Revenue Services & IRS Warn of New Scam to Steal Refunds


Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) Commissioner Kevin Sullivan joined the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in warning both tax preparers and taxpayers of last-minute phishing email scams, especially those requesting deposit changes for refunds or account updates.


Said DRS Commissioner Kevin Sullivan, "Tax-related scams increase as we get closer to the April 18 deadline. Cybercriminals are ever evolving and make use of sophisticated scams to try and trick tax professionals to get at refunds and other personal information."


One new email scam poses as taxpayers asking their tax preparer to make a last-minute change to their refund destination, often to a prepaid debit card. Tax preparers should verbally reconfirm information with the client should they receive a last-minute email request to change an address or direct deposit account for refunds.


Another scam targeting tax preparers appear as emails from their tax software provider asking them to update online accounts. Scams can come in as phishing emails, calls or texts that pose as familiar organizations such as banks, credit card companies, tax software providers or even the IRS. These scams seek sensitive data such as passwords, Social Security numbers and bank account or credit card numbers.

Tax professionals can review additional tips to Protect Your Clients, Protect Yourself, on IRS.gov.


As part of the effort to protect taxpayers, the IRS has teamed up with state revenue departments and the tax industry to make sure taxpayers understand the dangers to their personal and financial data as part of the “Taxes. Security. Together” campaign .  


More information on how to report phishing or phone scams is available on IRS.gov or by contacting DRS at (860) 297-5962 or outside the Hartford calling areas at (800) 382-9463.

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