DRS: As Deadline Approaches, Commissioner Sullivan Advises Taxpayers to “Never Just Do Nothing”

As Deadline Approaches, Commissioner Sullivan Advises Taxpayers to “Never Just Do Nothing”

For Immediate Release:                                                                                                              Friday, April 12, 2013


Hartford – With the income tax filing deadline days away, Department of Revenue Services (DRS) Commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan said taxpayers having trouble finishing their taxes and paying what they owe by April 15th should “never just do nothing”.


“Some taxpayers do not file their state income tax return because they wait too long or do not have all of the money they owe available. That’s a big mistake.  When they do file or are otherwise found to be delinquent, the penalties and interest really add up – sometimes to more than the taxes.”


Taxpayers who complete their Connecticut income tax return but owe more than they can pay should still file the return on time and pay as much of the tax due as they can.  Similarly, taxpayers who do not have all the information needed to file but believe they will owe tax should make a reasonable estimate, pay as they can and file a CT-1040 EXT, Request for Extension of Time to File Connecticut Income Tax Return.  In some circumstances, taxpayers may also file a form CT-1127, Request for Extension of Time to Pay Connecticut Income Tax.


Added Commissioner Sullivan, “We really are here to help. Our website and our live taxpayer services representatives can provide answers and help taxpayers do the right thing.  Even taxpayers who cannot get an extension of time to pay or believe they will need more than six months to pay their income taxes can request a payment plan from DRS – including conveniently doing so on our website through a self-payment plan they can stick with.”  


Commissioner Sullivan also reminded taxpayers who claim a refund to choose direct deposit when they file so the refund will be in their hands within a few days rather than weeks.


For access to the DRS income tax calculator, property tax calculator, and free electronic Taxpayer Service Center filing program, visit the DRS website at www.ct.gov/DRS and select Individuals. Customer service callers should dial (800) 382-9463 (within Connecticut, but outside the Greater Hartford area) or (860) 297-5962 (from anywhere).


For more information, visit the DRS website at www.ct.gov/DRS. Media calls should be directed to the communications office at
(860) 297-5610 or emailed to sarah.kaufman@po.state.ct.us.


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