DRS: 12-313-16a, Delivery by distributors to agents

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Conn. Agencies Regs. Sec. 12-313-16a.  Delivery by distributors to agents.

(a) A licensed distributor shall not furnish and deliver to any agent of such distributor packages of cigarettes on which the tax imposed under chapter 14 has been paid unless such delivery is made to such agent solely for the purpose of selling such packages on behalf of such distributor to a licensed dealer or dealers and is made pursuant to a written contract, which has been approved under subsection (b) of this section by the commissioner, by and between such distributor and such agent.

(b) The contract shall be approved by the commissioner if it specifies the price and quantity of cigarettes which will be delivered to the agent and the date of delivery and provides that the agent shall be obligated, within ten days after such date of delivery, either to sell such cigarettes and account for the sales proceeds to such distributor or to return such cigarettes to such distributor, that title to such cigarettes, until sold, shall remain in such distributor, and that the agent shall act in the capacity of agent of such distributor in dealing with a licensed dealer or dealers. The contract may contain additional provisions, provided such provisions shall not conflict with the provisions of chapter 214 or the regulations promulgated thereunder. The contract shall be submitted for approval to the Department of Revenue Services, Audit Division, Excise Tax Subdivision.

(c) Violations by the agent of a distributor of the provisions of chapter 214 or the regulations promulgated thereunder shall be deemed to be violations by such distributor.

(d) This section is prescribed pursuant to section 12-313 of the general statutes.

(Effective January 24, 1986.)