DRS: Special Notices
Special Notices
 SN 2015(1), Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Nonprescription Drugs and Medicines
 SN 2015(2) Conversion Factors on Motor Vehicle Fuels Occurring in Gaseous Form Applicable Beginning July 1, 2015
 SN 2015(3), Changes to the Prepaid Wireless E 9-1-1 Fee
 SN 2015(4), Sales and Use Taxes on Car Wash Services
 SN 2015(5) 2015 Legislative Changes to the Sales and Use Taxes
 SN 2015(6), 2015 Legislation Imposing the Gross Receipts Tax on Ambulatory Surgical Centers
 SN 2015(7.1), 2015 Legislative Changes Affecting Income Tax Withholding and the Income Tax
 SN 2015(8), 2015 Legislative Changes Affecting Cigarette Taxes
 SN 2015(9), 2015 Legislative Changes Affecting the Corporation Business Tax
 SN 2015(11), Legislation Passed in the December 2015 Special Session