DPH: Certificate Renewal and Training

Certificate Renewal and Training

The Drinking Water Section (DWS) provides free training courses on a regular basis for operators of Community and Non-Transient Non-Community Public Water Systems. The current course offerings are listed below:



Start Time

End Time


DWS Lead & Copper Rule Compliance Operator Training Course

11/21/2016 8:00 3:15 Goodwin College

Check-in will begin 1/2 hour prior to scheduled start time for each day of instruction.

Register for theses classes using the Train Website

For the registration brochure click here

Registration for the operator training classes is available on the Connecticut Train website, a joint effort of the Public Health Foundation and many state affiliates nationwide including the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Upcoming Training by the Department of Public Health at other Events

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Location and Registration Information

TCH/CEU Status

None currently scheduled, check back for updates


Archived Presentations For Past Department of Public Health Training Events

Event Name 



2015 NEWWA Spring Conference & Exhibition Regulator’s Perspective: Cross Connection (CC) Control in CT   Bill Sullivan, Sanitary Engineer 3, CT DPH DWS
2015 Connecticut Water Well Association Winter Luncheon RTCR, Regulatory Requirements & New Initiatives    Bill Sullivan, Sanitary Engineer 3, CT DPH DWS
New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners - Mystic Marriott, Groton CT. June 10, 2013 Connecticut Department of Public Health’s Water Supply Planning Lori Mathieu, Public Health Section Chief, DWS
EPA Region 1 Hurricane Summit & EMAC Workshop, Boston, MA June 5, 2013 Emergency Preparedness Strategy & Connecticut’s Public Drinking Water Systems Lori Mathieu, Public Health Section Chief, DWS 

2012 Compliance Workshop for Water Industry Professionals on New Laws and Regulations – CT Section AWWA

Drinking Water Related Updates: 2011 and 2012 Legislative and Regulatory Updates Lori Mathieu, Public Health Section Chief CT DPH DWS
Emergency Preparedness, Post-Storm After Action Report and Resulting Regulatory Initiatives David Cooley, Supervising Sanitary Engineer, CT DPH DWS
Regulatory Reminders for Various Rules Christopher Roy, Supervising Sanitary Engineer, CT DPH DWS
Bill Sullivan, Sanitary Engineer 3, CT DPH DWS

2012 Water Quality & Treatment Symposium – CT Section AWWA

Drinking Water Regulations- Monitoring requirements
- Compliance reminders: TCR, GWR
Tiziana Shea, Sanitary Engineer 2, CT DPH DWS
Drinking Water Regulations- Monitoring requirements- Compliance reminders: Stage 2 DBP, LT2 Carissa Madonna, Sanitary Engineer 2, CT DPH DWS
2013 Connecticut Water Fluoridation, Principles and Practices Fluoridation of Public Drinking Water - One of the Top Ten Public Health Achievements Linda Ferraro, RDH, Health Program Associate, CT DPH & Gary Ginsberg, Toxicologist, CT DPH
Regulatory Requirements for Fluoridation Carissa Madonna, Sanitary Engineer 2, CT DPH
ATCAVE 2012 Impacts Storms Irene and Alfred Lori Mathieu, Public Health Services Manager, DWS
Pomperaug Watershed Coalition Public Water System Sustainability Lori Mathieu, Public Health Section Chief, DWS

Renewal and Training Information 

The following lists are provided for operators to find approved courses that can be taken to satisfy training renewal requirements. All training hours (or equivalent approved units), for drinking water training, issued by any entity on the list of Approved Training Providers are accepted by the Department of Public Health (DPH) to meet training renewal requirements. The list of Approved Training Courses includes courses offered by other providers and courses from training providers that have been approved for specific course offerings (e.g. for Conditional Operators). In addition, the DPH accepts credits from an accredited college for any courses listed in Appendix A of the Guidance Document for Operator Certification Training Approval. One college credit = 15 training hours. 

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