DPH: Long-Term Care Background Search Program Applicant Background Check Management System (ABCMS)

Long-Term Care Background Search Program

Applicant Background Check Management System (ABCMS)

PLEASE BE ADVISEDJanuary 9, 2017 is the "go live" date for Assisted Living Service Agencies and Hospice Care Agencies, for the CT DPH Applicant Background Check Management System (ABCMS) Program, to track the mandated background searches for new hires as may be required pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes, Section 19a-491c.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided funding to States including the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) for the National Background Check Program (NBCP).   The NBCP supports States in establishing a criminal background check program for long-term care facilities and providers.  The NBCP aims to protect vulnerable residents and clients who receive direct care and services within a long-term care setting.   In conjunction with this Federal initiative, Connecticut has enacted Section 19a-491c of the General Statutes, requiring state and national criminal history and patient abuse background searches for certain individuals in long-term care settings.

DPH has established a web-based portal referred to as the Applicant Background Check Management System (ABCMS).  The ABCMS supports the background check processes set forth within Section 19a-491c, which requires, in part, that newly-hired direct care employees of long-term care facilities obtain fingerprint-based criminal history records checks, as well as checks of several relevant registries, prior to employment. 

DPH has worked with CMS and the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) to develop a web-based system to provide long-term care facilities and providers with a database to process the background checks.  DPH will oversee the ABCMS.  DESPP works with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to support this initiative. 

Please refer to the State of Connecticut’s General Statute Section 19a-491c for additional information.


Statutes and Regulations


Communications and Forms

DPH has made revisions to the Disclosure Form.  Please use this revised Disclosure Form for all future applicants in the system.  This form replaces the previous version of the form.  If you have hard copies of the prior version of this Disclosure Form, please recycle and replace with this updated version.

When calling Connecticut troop locations to inquire about the
availability of fingerprinting services, please indicate that this is for a DPH
long-term care applicant needing to be fingerprinted as a part of the DPH
long-term care background check program. Present the “Fingerprinting
Authorization Form” to DESPP staff at time of the request, prior to

ABCMS Video Tutorials

Please use the ABCMS Training Videos link, above, to access video tutorial chapters in each of the following topics:

  • How to Login to the ABCMS
  • How to Enter a New Applicant
  • How to View Determinations In-Process
  • How to View Determinations when Available
  • How to Enter an Application for an applicant already in the system
  • How to Utilize the "Flagged for Review" feature
  • How to Review Reports
  • Administrator Training  

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