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Certificate of Need
ATTENTION: Beginning July 28, 2017, all CON Application, CON Determination and CON Modification material can be submitted electronically to OHCA, via OHCA’s new CON Portal.

The $500 CON Fee should also be filed with OHCA at the time of the submission of the CON Application, using MasterCard or Visa, through the CON Portal.

Important: For facilities and health care systems registering for the CON Portal, please be sure that the person registering (registrant) for the portal is responsible for submitting and receiving all CON applications and follow up material (they will essentially be the sole contact person for OHCA on the submitted proposal), such as CON applications, Completeness Letters and Responses, Final Actions and any other CON Application related material. Only the registrant submitting the CON material will be able to submit follow up material and receive correspondence from OHCA regarding that project. 

Please review the CON Portal User Guide, then click here to go to the CON Portal: http://dphconwebportal.ct.gov/

To view the status of CONs submitted through the portal, please visit our new reporting site: https://dphconwebportal.ct.gov/Report  -No registration is required to view CON Status Reports.

Any questions, please contact Steven Lazarus or Chris Wyvill at ohca@ct.gov or (860) 418-7001

What is a Certificate of Need?
Certificate of Need (CON) is a regulatory governmental program requiring certain types of health care providers to obtain State approval prior to making substantial capital investments in new equipment or facilities, changing bed complement (in hospitals) and adding or sometimes discontinuing a health care service. The CON program is intended to guide the establishment of health facilities and services which best serve public needs, ensure that high quality health services are provided, prevent unnecessary duplication of health care facilities and services and promote cost containment.
What is a CON Determination?
Any person or entity unsure if a proposal requires CON approval, may submit a completed CON Determination Form to OHCA for review. OHCA will respond in writing within a week unless additional information is required to make the determination.

What is a CON Modification?

A person or entity may request a modification to a previously authorized CON, such as a change in the scope of the CON project or CON expiration date, by submitting a completed Modification Form to OHCA. OHCA will review the request and respond in writing.
CON Related Statutes
When is a CON required?19a-638  C.G.S.
When is a CON Determination required19a-638(c)(1) C.G.S
What are the criteria used to review a CON application?19a-639  C.G.S.
What is the process for a CON application?19a-639a C.G.S.
Who is considered a Health Care Facility for CON purposes?19a-630   C.G.S.
  C.G.S. => Connecticut General Statute
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Contact Information: Steven W Lazarus at OHCA@ct.gov or 860 418 7001.                           

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