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Hospital Pricemaster Filings 
What are the Hospital Pricemaster Filings?
As provided in  Sec. 19a-643-203(a), of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, pricemasters, also known as chargemasters, are the detailed schedule of all hospital charges that are required to be on file with the office in accordance with section 19a-681 of the Connecticut General Statutes.
Each Connecticut acute care hospital is required by state law to file its current pricemaster with OHCA.  A pricemaster, also called a chargemaster, is a detailed schedule of all hospital charges.  Hospitals are responsible for filing the most current pricemaster with the office.   These documents are specifically used by OHCA in the review of patient detailed bills which are filed pursuant to OHCA's Consumer Assistance Process.
The listing below is the most recently filed pricemasters.  Pricemasters from earlier in the fiscal year as well as past years are available through the Freedom of Information process.  Past years pricemasters from Hospital of Saint Raphael are also available through the Freedom of Information process.

To view the most recently filed Hospital Pricemaster, click on one of the links below: 
William W. Backus Hospital
Bridgeport Hospital
Bristol Hospital
CT Children's Medical Center
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
Danbury Hospital
Day Kimball Hospital
John Dempsey Hospital
Essent-Sharon Hospital
Greenwich Hospital
Griffin Hospital
Hartford Hospital
Hospital of Central Connecticut
Johnson Memorial Hospital
Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
Manchester Memorial Hospital
Middlesex Hospital
MidState Medical Center
Milford Hospital
Norwalk Hospital
Rockville General Hospital
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
St. Mary's Hospital
St. Vincent's Medical Center
Stamford Hospital
Waterbury Hospital
Windham Community Memorial Hospital
Yale-New Haven Hospital
Note:  This material is as filed with OHCA and OHCA does not audit or authorize these charge listings.
Hospitals are not prohibited from filing revised pricemasters during the course of its fiscal year (for example, monthly filings) or starting to charge for new drugs, supplies, tests and procedures that were not listed on its last hospital pricemaster filed with the office.  OHCA will repost to this webpage, the revised, resubmitted pricemasters as soon as possible.

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