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CON Specific To Hospitals
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 CON Application Forms
 Increase in Licensed Bed Capacity
 Transfer of Ownership or Control
 Equipment Acquisition

 Acquiring Equipment utilizing New Tech.

 Freestanding Emergency Department
 Termination of Emergency Department
 Establishment of Cardiac Services
 Outpatient Surgical Facility O.R Increase

CON required

Related Information

Establishment of a new health care facility.

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (1)

    Definition of health care facility includes hospitals, freestanding emergency departments, ambulatory surgery center, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities and central services facilities.

Transfer of ownership

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (2)

    Only transfers that impact or change the governance or controlling body of a health care facility or institution.

    Public Act 10-179 83 (14)

    Includes hospital purchasing, merging, or affiliating with another health care facility.

    Does not include purchasing, merging or affiliating with a physician practice, nursing home, outpatient rehabilitation facility, medical home, etc.

Termination of inpatient/outpatient services offered by a hospital excluding mental health and substance abuse

General Statutes 19a-638 (b) (20)

    Please see Public Act 11-183.

Increase in licensed bed capacity

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (10)

Establishment of free standing emergency department

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (3)

    Not located on the main campus of a hospital

    Held out to the public as a place that provides care for emergency medical conditions on an urgent basis without requiring a previously scheduled appointment

Termination of hospital inpatient or outpatient mental health & substance abuse services

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (4)

Termination of an emergency department

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (6)

Establishment of outpatient surgical facility

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (5)

Acquisition of  imaging equipment

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (8) and (9)

    Includes CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT scanners and non-hospital based linear accelerators.

Acquisition of equipment utilizing technology not previously used in state

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (11)

   Technologies new to state such as Proton Beam.

   Not included are advancements in current technologies (such as X-Rays, digital mammography, ultrasound etc.) that are currently not under OHCA's jurisdiction.

Establishment of inpatient/outpatient  cardiac services

General Statutes  19a-638 (a) (7)

    Includes Catheterization, PAMI, Elective PCI, Open Heart Surgery and Heart Transplants.

    Not included would be services such as cardiac rehabilitation etc.

Increase of 2 or more ORs in a Hospital owned outpatient surgical facility in a three-year period

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (12)

    Facilities are required to notify OHCA of an increase in operating rooms in accordance with the Policies & Procedures.


No CON required

Related Information

Establishment or expansion of a hospital's inpatient/outpatient services other than cardiac services


Replacement of existing imaging equipment that received a CON or a CON Determination

General Statutes 19a-638 (b) (18)

    Includes MRI, CT, PET and/or PET/CT scanners.

    No CON "waiver" would be required either.

    Hospital shall notify OHCA of the date on which the equipment was replaced, the disposition of the replaced equipment and the docket number of the CON or CON Determination.

Increase of one OR in a Hospital owned Outpatient Surgical Facility within a three year period

General Statutes 19a-638 (a) (12)

    Notification of increase in ORs must be provided to OHCA.


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