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{Office of Health Care Access}
  Consumer Assistance Process (“CAP”)
The goal of the CAP web page is to direct consumers to support links that will provide them with assistance in handling consumer questions and concerns related to services rendered at any of the thirty Connecticut Acute Care Hospitals.
OHCA’s authority is limited to examining whether or not Hospital charges are in agreement with Hospital chargemasters submitted to OHCA by each Hospital every fiscal year.
OHCA can only verify that the amount charged by a Hospital is the same amount listed on the chargemaster file. See link below for the most current Hospital chargemasters.
Therefore, if you have a concern or question regarding the charges for the services provided to you at a Hospital, please continue with the process by selecting the link “Guidelines and Required Information,” and complete the CAP Form.
Supported Links:
Consumers with questions or concerns related to the following issues should seek assistance under the “Other State Agencies” contact information link:
  1. Quality of care regarding Health Care Practitioners and Facilities;
  2. HMOs, Managed Care, Medicaid and Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, Disability and Self-Funded plans coverage and programs;
  3. Insurance related problems including: co-pay issues, in-network coverage and insurance benefits;
  4. Complaints pertaining to financial fraud by Health Care Facilities; and
  5. Uninsured, Husky, and other Title 19 coverage, and programs.

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