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Our Mission is to ensure that the citizens of Connecticut have access to a quality health care delivery system
NEW!!! Outpatient Surgery Data Reporting begins June 1, 2015. 
Complete and useable data, for encounters that occurred between 10/1/2014 and 3/31/2015, is due by July 1, 2015. Check the Outpatient Surgery Data Reporting section of OHCA's website for information on who is required to report and reporting process guidelines. Registered users will begin to receive their individual login and password information immediately and may submit test data for review. Email related questions to HelpDesk.dph@ct.gov using the subject line: Outpatient Surgery Data Reporting.
Latest CON Deemed Complete:
  • On September 11, 2015, OHCA deemed complete St. Francis Care, Inc. and Johnson Memorial Hospital, Inc.’s application for Saint Francis Care's acquisition of the assets of Johnson Memorial Hospital Inc. and Certain Affiliates, docket number 15-32002-CON.
  • On August 24, 2015, OHCA deemed complete Saint Francis’ application, docket number 15-31984, to transfer ownership of group practices to Trinity Health Corporation.
  • On August 13, 2015, OHCA deemed complete Sharon’s application to terminate its Sleep Center, docket number 15-32014-CON.
  • On August 5, 2015, OHCA deemed complete Yale New-Haven Hospital’s application to terminate its Urgent Care Center at Foxon in East Haven, docket number 15-32011-CON.

Upcoming Public Hearing Notices:


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  • On September 4, 2015, OHCA received CT Clinical Services Inc. d/b/a Turning Point’s application, docket number 15-32027-CON, to transfer ownership to North Castle Partners V, L.P.

  • On September 1, 2015, OHCA received MC1 Healthcare, LLC’s application, docket number 15-32024-CON, to establish an outpatient substance use disorder treatment clinic in Wilton, CT.

  • NEW!!! Annual Report on the Financial Status of Connecticut’s Short Term Acute Care Hospitals for Fiscal Year 2014 (September 2015).  This report provides information concerning the financial performance of Connecticut’s acute care hospitals using Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 data.

  • NEW!!! FY 2014 Hospital Financial Dashboard: showing individual hospital and statewide margins, current ratio, debt service coverage ratio, utilization measures and gross revenues, as filed by Connecticut’s acute care general hospitals.

  • On August 28, 2015, The Hospital of Central Connecticut submitted a Certificate of Need Application to terminate the inpatient and outpatient pediatric services currently offered at HOCC’s New Britain campus 15-32023-CON.

  • NEW!!! The Office of Health Care Access is pleased to share with you our Certificate of Need Application Guidebook. It is intended to give potential applicants and the general public an overview of the CON process. 

  • On August 18, 2015, OHCA received The Stamford Hospital’s application, docket number 15-32020-CON, to acquire a SPECT/CT camera system for use at its new Heart and Vascular Institute in Stamford, CT.

  • NEW!!! 2015 Legislative Summary of Public Act 15-146 related to the Office of Health Care Access.

  • NEW!!! Statewide acute care hospital summary data on Hospital Expenses, Service Utilization and FTEs, Liquidity and Solvency Measures, and Uncompensated Care are now available.  These documents contain individual hospital data along with statewide totals for fiscal year’s FY 2012 – FY 2014 as filed by Connecticut’s acute care hospitals.

  • NEW!!! A Dashboard showing total aggregated statewide Financial Assistance and Certain Other Community Benefits information and statewide levels of various Community Building activities for FY 2013 for Connecticut’s tax-exempt acute care hospitals.

  • Certificate of Need (CON) application forms have been revised/reformatted and are now available for use, effective March 10, 2015. The new forms and further instruction on their use can be found at OHCA Forms.

  • Statewide Health Care Facilities and Services Plan 2014 Supplement. This Plan is intended to be a blueprint for health care delivery in Connecticut, serving as a resource guide for health care facilities and services planning. While the 2012 Plan focused on standards, guidelines and methodologies related to Certificate of Need (CON) regulation, this Plan focuses on the unmet health care need of vulnerable and at-risk populations and the alignment of public health and health care initiatives that aim to address these needs.

  • Hospital Quality and Utilization ( CTMONAHRQ ) - provides information about hospital quality ratings, costs and charges, avoidable hospitalization, and county rates of conditions and procedures.

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