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Connecticut Acute Care Hospital Financial Data


What are Annual Reporting & Twelve Month Filings?


Section 19a-643-206 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies requires hospitals to report annually on their actual operating results for the previous fiscal year, (October 1st, to September 30th), to the Department of Public Health, Office of Health Care Access (“OHCA”). Pursuant to Section 19a-643-206(b) and (c) of OHCA’s Regulations, the annual filings contain information including audited financial statements, Medicare Cost Reports, hospital and parent corporation legal charts of corporate structure, hospital uncompensated care policies and procedures, and various hospital financial data and aggregate utilization statistics.


Select Data Items from Hospital Filings
Financial Stability Report (FSR)  2013201220112010 2009  
 Ratio of cost to charge data  20132012201120102009
 Statewide Statement of Operations  20132012201120102009
 Statewide Inpatient Bed Utilization  20132012201120102009 
 Statewide Uncompensated Care Data   20132012201120102009
 Top 10 Highest Paid Positions by Hospital 2014 2013201220112010 2009
 Liquidity Ratios    20132012      
 Solvency Ratios 20132012     
 Statewide Service Utilization and FTEs  20132012     
 Statewide Hospital Expense Data  20132012     
 Statewide Hospital Margin Data 2014 20132012     
 Statewide Health System Margin Data 20142013     
Uncompensated Care Trend Analysis  2013    

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