DPH: Youth Camp Licensing Program

Youth Camp Licensing Program


The Community Based Regulation Section (CBRS)  is responsible for the administration of the youth camp licensing program at the Department of Public Health. Licensing assures that those programs that are licensed have achieved at least the minimum standards required by law to meet the health, safety and comfort needs of campers and staff.

Department staff are dedicated to assuring that all youth camp programs operate at or above the required standards established by state statutes and regulations.  This is accomplished by providing technical assistance, application processing, facility monitoring, complaint investigation and enforcement activities.  The CBRS licenses more than 500 youth camps each year that operate during the summer or school vacations. We are committed to promoting the health, safety, and welfare of Connecticut's children in licensed programs. 

Licensed youth camp referrals may be obtained from the 211 Child Care at  1-800-505-1000. If you have questions concerning the licensing regulations and requirements, the Youth Camp Licensing Program's policies and procedures, other general information, or wish to file a complaint you may contact us at.....

Contact Information

The Youth Camp Licensing program is covered each day during customary business hours to assist you with general questions concerning the licensing regulations and requirements of the Youth Camp Licensing program as well as other general information, including the application and licensing process.  The sectionís Complaint Line is covered each day during customary business hours to receive complaints or to review the history of substantiated complaints for a particular licensed camp program.  For youth camp questions or the complaint line may be contacted at the numbers below.

Phone Numbers:

  • 1-860-509-8045       For Complaints, Press 1, Youth Camps Press 2
  • 1-800-282-6063


  • 1-860-509-8212

Mailing Address:


Connecticut Department of Public Health

Youth Camp Licensing Program

410 Capitol Ave.,


P.O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134-0308 

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