DPH: Board of Examiners for Nursing

Board of Examiners for Nursing

410 Capitol Avenue, MS #13PHO {Nurse}

P. O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Reporting a Health Care Complaint

Mandatory Reporting of Impaired Practitioners

Nursing Scope of Practice/Nursing School Questions

Phone:   860-509-7555

Licensure/Examination Information

Phone:   860-509-7603 - Menu Option 2

Fax:       860-509-8457




On-Line License Verification


Verification of Licensure to another State



Adminstrative/Non Licensure

Phone:   860-509-7624


Fax:       860-509-7553




Statutes and Regulations

Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 378 - Nursing (Nurse Practice Act)


Mandatory Reporters of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation


Medical Assistant Information


Advanced Practice - Independent/Collaborative Practice NEW



Nursing Regulations


Administrative Regulations - Public Health Code

Rules of Practice (pdf)

Medical Records (pdf)


Nursing Education Programs

Registered Nurse Programs

Registered Nurse Educational Program Statistics (pdf)


Licensed Practical Nurse Programs


Practical Nurse Educational Program Statistics (pdf)


NCLEX RN/LPN First Time Pass Rates - REVISED 11-08-2016



Board Members

Patricia Bouffard, RN - Chairperson

Mary M. Brown, RN

Elizaida Delgado, LPN

Mary Dietmann, RN

Lisa S. Freeman (Public Member)

Jennifer Long, APRN

Geraldine F. Marrocco, RN

Gina M. Reiners, RN

1 LPN Vacancy

3 Public Member Vacancies



Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes






Declaratory Rulings / Guidelines



Disciplinary Actions

Monthly Disciplinary Actions Against Licensees


Regulatory Action Reports - A listing of disciplinary actions taken against all licensed professionals and organizations.

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