DPH: Connecticut Medical Examining Board

Connecticut Medical Examining Board


410 Capitol Avenue, MS #13PHO {Physician reading an x-ray}  

P. O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134-0308


Licensure/Examination Information


Licensure/Examination Information
Physician Assistant


Phone:   860-509-7603 - Menu Option 3

Fax:       860-509-8457


Administrative/Non Licensure







Mandatory Continuing Education 


Online License Verification



Reporting a Health Care Complaint




Statutes and Regulations

Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 370 - Medicine and Surgery


An Act Concerning the Licensing, Investigation and Disciplinary Process
for Physicians and Nurses - Public Act 12-62


An Act Concerning Physician Assistants - Public Act 12-37  NEW


Access to Medical records


Release of records to another provider


Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-305

Reports of blind persons by physicians and optometrists 


Mandatory Reporters of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation






Medical Education Requirements (pdf)


Permits to serve as interns or residents (pdf)


Administrative Regulations - Public Health Code

Rules of Practice (pdf)

Medical Records (pdf)




Guidelines/Declaratory Rulings





Board Members - 1 Vacancy


Kathryn Emmett, Esq., Chairperson

Raymond S. Andrews, Jr. (Public Member)

Queenie Collins (Public Member)

Allyson Duffy, MD

Anne C. Doremus (Public Member)

Douglas W. Fellows, M.D.

Jeffrey A. Gordon, M.D.

Robert A. Green, M.D.

Rabbi Dov Greer (Public Member)

Eric J. Hodgson, MD

Edward Monico, MD

Patricia Loving, PA-C

Edward G. McAnaney (Public Member)

Jean Rexford (Public Member)

Daniel Rissi, M.D.

Howard J. Sadinsky, D.O.

Andrew L. Salner, MD

Joel Sorosky, MD

C. Steven Wolf, M.D.

Peter M. Zeman, MD



Hearing Panelists

Elliott Alter, OD

Maxine Borghesi, DVM

Richard Bridburg, MD

Donald Grayson, MD

Joel B. Goodman, DMD

Harold W. Hebb

Joseph Kaplowe, PA-C

Maureen Kunkel, MD

Ann MacGillis, RN

Velandy Manohar, MD

Dennis G. O'Neill, MD

Edward Osswalt, Esq.

John Senechal, MD

Denise Ward, RPT








Disciplinary Actions


Monthly Disciplinary Actions Against Licensees


Regulatory Action Reports - A listing of disciplinary actions taken against all licensed professionals and organizations.

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