DPH: Asbestos Consultants and Contractors Lists

Asbestos Consultants and Contractors Lists

For a list* of licensed Asbestos Contractors or Asbestos Consultants, to verify whether a license or certification is current, or to determine whether a licensee has been subject to prior disciplinary action,  please visit the following website: https://www.elicense.ct.gov/

Please note: Verification of a license/certification is best done by searching by the license number.


*The Contractor and Consultant roster can be viewed in excel and text formats. When viewing the downloaded excel spreadsheet, expand the widths of each column so that the content in the cells are visible.
All asbestos abatement contractors and asbestos consultants must be licensed by the Department of Public Health.  The Environmental Practitioner Licensure Unit is responsible for issuing asbestos-related licenses and certifications. 

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Asbestos Consultants: inspect or evaluate a building for asbestos hazards, including, but not limited to, the development of asbestos abatement plans, site inspections, air monitoring and provisions of industrial hygiene services related to asbestos abatement.

Types of Consultants

Inspector: licensed asbestos consultant who is certified as an inspector, and identifies, assesses the condition of, or collects bulk samples of suspected asbestos-containing material

Management planner: licensed asbestos consultant who is certified as a management planner and who uses data gathered by asbestos inspectors to assess asbestos hazards, determine responses and develop implementation plans

Project designer: any licensed asbestos consultant who is certified as a project designer and who determines how asbestos abatement work shall be conducted and prepares the plans, designs, procedures, workscope or other substantive direction or criteria for abatement projects

Project Monitor: any licensed asbestos consultant who is certified as a project monitor and who functions as an on-site representative of the facility owner or other persons by over-seeing the activities of the asbestos abatement contractor


Asbestos Contractor: person engaged in asbestos abatement whose employees actually perform the asbestos abatement work and who has been issued a license by the Commissioner.

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