DPH: National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Local Health Department Sponosored Events


10/24/2014 The Bridgeport Health Department is hosting a Food Day event on Thursday, October 23rd from 2-4pm at McLevy Green in Bridgeport



The Fairfield Health Department celebrated Lead Poisoning Prevention Week early this year by educating individuals on lead safety during our flu clinics on Tuesday, October 7th and Wednesday, October 8th.  During the post-vaccination waiting period, individuals were educated on lead safety during renovations and lead poisoning prevention in general.  Individuals were asked to sign the “Pb Safe Pledge” in which they pledged to take two actions. First, they pledged that any renovation or painting work in their home, either done by themselves or contractors, would be done in a lead safe manor. Second, those signing were given an umbrella, lunch box, or lip balm with the Pb Safe logo on it and they pledged that if asked about the Pb Safe logo on their item they would tell that about how to prevent lead poisoning by ensuring any work at home is done in a lead safe manor. During this two day event, 141 individuals signed the Pb Safe Pledge with 111 of those providing their email address for a follow up survey. 




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New Haven:

October 22, 2014: Reading Henry and Fred Learn About Lead story book to a Pre-K student in New Haven

October 23 - 24, 2014: Lead educational display table and Dusty the Dog exhibit on the 1st floor lobby of 54 Meadow St. New Haven, CT



Updating the lead page on our website with most current information


Development of a separate webpage regarding RRP


Sending out a press release about lead poisoning prevention


Display in the lobby of the Norwalk Health Department – tri fold board with educational information with a lead recall book that contains all the lead recalls over the last year (Eng and Span)


Lead Poisoning Prevention postings Norwalk Health Department’s Facebook page


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A power point presentation of lead education information prepared by the Stamford Health Department’s Lead Prevention Program is currently on display in the Stamford Health Department lobby via electronic bulletin board. The power point presentation is titled, “Our Children Matter! Let Us Keep Them Safe!” and features comprehensive information about childhood lead poisoning, biological screening, testing, and case management, as well as childhood lead poisoning prevention techniques. It will be on display for viewing throughout Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.


The Stamford Health Department Lead Prevention Program will host a table of lead poisoning prevention literature and lead safety awareness giveaways in the lobby of the Stamford Government Center from 12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday of Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.


Story time featuring “Henry & Fred Learn about Lead” and “Susie and Jerome Learn about a Healthy Home” will be hosted by members of the Stamford Health Department’s Lead Prevention Program at scheduled times in the Stamford WIC Program and in several child day care facilities throughout the city.


The Stamford Health Department Lead Prevention Program will disseminate lead education information on lead safe work practices to day laborers, and share Worker Safety Training information with the Stamford Health Department Environmental Health Inspectors during the October in-service meeting.


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