DPH: Local Health Department Resources
Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control

Local Health Department Resources

   Legal Issues and Environmental Health - presented by: Judith R. Dicine, Supervisory Assistant 
   State's Attorney, State of Connecticut Office of the Chief's State Attorney 
   To be used applied for by authorized municipal, district or state health department officials only and
   must be presented to a state prosecutor for review before going to a judge.
   To be used by a local health department when submitting samples to the State laboratory for
   To be completed and submitted to the property owner and the Commissioner of Public Health
   within two days after receipt of all test results.
    To be completed and submitted for buildings over 50 years old that receive state or federal  funding or 
   To be used by a local health department when ordering lead abatement of a property.
   To be used by a local health department when ordering lead abatement of a property where a
   child resides but is not lead poisoned.
   Can be used by property owners when developing a lead abatement plan to comply with a lead
   abatement order from a local health department.
   A written plan describing how an intact surface with lead-based paint will be monitored to ensure
   that defective paint surfaces will be identified and abated.
   During an abatement, warning signed shall be placed at all entrances and exits of the
   abatement areas.
   To be used by a local health department only, during an epidemiological investigation of a child
   with a blood lead level >=20µg/dL. It is also recommended for use during a comprehensive lead
   inspection for a child with two consecutive blood lead levels in the 15-19µg/dL range taken three
   months apart. 
Statutes and Regulations pertaining to lead.
   Document listing suggested primary prevention activities activities.
Educational Packets (Spanish)
   Educational information for families of children with elevated blood lead levels.
Screen By Two poster (11"x17") - English      Screen By Two poster (11"x17") - Spanish
   A poster that reminds readers to have their children test for lead poisoning. Can be used in
   places such as medical provider offices, day care facilities, and social services offices.

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