DPH: Call for Projects, Review and Ranking of Projects

Call for Projects, Review and Ranking of Projects

The State of Connecticut’s capital budget is prepared on a biennial basis (two year period). Each of the two State Fiscal Years (SFY) runs from July 1 through June 30. In the fall of the year prior to the beginning of a new capital budget period (even years) the DPH will solicit eligible public water systems (PWS) for drinking water infrastructure projects for funding during the upcoming two year budget period. This biennial “Call for Projects” is done in order to support the revenue bond authorization that the Department of Public Health (DPH) is required to request for the DWSRF when the capital budget is prepared. The Call for Projects is issued via e-mail to all PWSs eligible to receive DWSRF loans, municipal Chief Elected Officials and local Directors of Health. The Call for Projects is also posted on the DPH Drinking Water Section’s (DWS) website. The solicitation period runs for approximately 60-90 days. Once the solicitation period ends the DPH does not typically accept any additional applications until the next Call for Projects is issued.

PWSs are encouraged to submit projects which promote green infrastructure and energy or water efficiency. Please refer to the Green Project Reserve webpage from more information and to find the “Green Project Information Form”.

Call for Projects for SFY’s 2018 & 2019

The DWS plans to issue a Call for Projects for State Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019) during November 2016. 

Eligibility Application

All PWSs seeking to apply for DWSRF funding must submit an Eligibility Application for each project. A project’s eligibility for funding is determined through the information submitted with this application. Please note, this application is for eligibility only; it is not the application for a loan from the DWSRF program.

Eligibility Applications are only accepted during the Call for Projects, which occurs biennially in the fall of even years. An updated Eligibility Application is being drafted for the upcoming Call for Projects and will be made available when the Call is announced.

  • Eligibility Application (pdf) and Instructions (pdf) (coming soon)

Project Examples
For some ideas of eligible and ineligible projects, please view our SRF Project Examples (pdf) document.  The DWSRF program may be able to fund the planning phase, design phase, and construction phase of an eligible drinking water project.

New in 2017 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clarified funding for service line replacements on private property. The DWSRF program may fund the complete service line replacement, regardless of pipe material and ownership of the property on which the service line is located. Please refer to their May 9, 2016 memo for more information.

Review and Ranking of Projects

The DWS reviews project Eligibility Applications for completeness and eligibility for DWSRF funding. Points are assigned based on Priority Ranking Criteria established by the DPH and approved by the EPA. The total points assigned to each project along with each project’s readiness to proceed will be used to prepare the Project Priority List.

Intended Use Plan and Project Priority List

The DPH prepares an annual Intended Use Plan (IUP) that identifies how the State intends to use the limited amount of DWSRF funding available for that year. The IUP is provided to the EPA as part of the DPH’s annual capitalization grant application for federal DWSRF funds.

The DPH is federally required to solicit meaningful public input when each IUP is developed. The DPH is also required by State law to hold a public hearing on the draft Project Priority List (PPL) that is included in the IUP. The DPH published the draft IUP and PPL for a 30 day public comment period followed by a public hearing on the State Fiscal Year 2017 IUP and PPL on Thursday, August 25, 2016 at the DPH. The finalized Hearing Report, IUP and PPL for SFY 2017 are provided below.

Prior Year's Intended Use Plan and Project Priority List

The IUP and PPL for State Fiscal Year 2016 are available below.

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