DPH: Water Utility Coordinating Committee

Water Utility Coordinating Committee

{WUCC Map} The General Assembly passed “An Act Concerning a Connecticut Plan for Public Water Supply Coordination” (Public Act 85-535) in 1985. The Legislature found that “in order to maximize efficient and effective development of the state’s public water supply systems and to promote public health, safety and welfare, the Department of Public Health shall administer a procedure to coordinate the planning of public water supply systems.” Statutory intent is to encourage public water suppliers, regional planning organizations and government to work together to resolve water supply problems and related issues. The act provides for a coordinated approach to long-range water supply planning by addressing water quality and quantity issues from area-wide perspectives in regional coordinated plans.

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Thursday, January 30th, 2014 Upper Connecticut River Water Utility Coordinating Committee (UCWUCC) - 10:00am, New Britain Water Department – 1000 Shuttle Meadow Avenue New Britain, Connecticut

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Maps and Contact Information

Upper Connecticut River WUCC (pdf)

Mr. Gilbert Bligh, P.E., Chair

New Britain Water Department

1000 Shuttle Meadow Avenue

New Britain, CT  06052 

Phone: (860) 826-3535

E-mail: gbligh@newbritainct.gov

Mr. David Radka, P.E., Recording Secretary
Connecticut Water Company 

93 West Main St.

Clinton, CT  06413-1600

Phone: (860) 669-8630

E-Mail: dradka@ctwater.com

Southeastern Connecticut WUCC (pdf)

Mr. Robert Congdon, Co-Chair

Town of Preston 

389 Route 2 

Preston, CT  06365-8830 

Phone: (860) 887-5581

E-mail: congdon@preston-ct.org

Mr. Gregory Leonard, Recording Secretary

Southeastern CT Water Authority

PO Box 415 

Gales Ferry, CT  06335

Phone: (860) 464-0232

E-mail: gclscwa@snet.net

Mr. Mark Decker, P.E., Co-Chair

Norwich Public Utilities

16 South Golden Street

Norwich, CT 06360

Phone: (860) 823-4180

E-mail: MarkDecker@npumail.com

South Central WUCC (pdf)

Mr. David Radka, P.E., Co-Chair
Connecticut Water Company 

93 West Main St.

Clinton, CT  06413-1600

Phone: (860) 669-8630

E-Mail: dradka@ctwater.com

Ms. Beth Nesteriak, P.E., Co-Chair

Regional Water Authority

90 Sargent Drive

New Haven, CT 06511-5966

Phone: (203) 401-2679

E-mail: bnesteriak@rwater.com

Housatonic WUCC (pdf)

Mr. Russell T. Posthauer, Jr., P.E., Co-Chair

Candlewood Springs Association

PO Box 154

New Milford, CT 06776

Phone: (203) 775-6207

E-mail:  russellposthauer@ccaengineering.com

Vacant, Co-Chair

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