DPH: Connecticut eWIC

Connecticut eWIC


The Connecticut WIC Program completed statewide implementation of the eWIC process June 2016. 


For the participants, the new eWIC card offers the following: 

  • A safer, easier and more convenient way for participants to shop for food.
  • All members of the same household on WIC have their benefits on one card. 
  • Similar to a debit/credit card with a magnetic strip.
  • Reduction in errors in choosing WIC approved foods.
  • The family can buy their foods when they need them. 
  • The cash register/EBT system checks the participant's available food prescription balance right then. 

At the local WIC office, the eWIC process provides easier and faster service:
  • The same card is used at each appointment.
  • More time talking about the family’s health.
  • The new food package is automatically added to the eWIC card.

For Retailers, the change to eWIC:

  • Reduces the amount of time that is spent on a WIC sale per family.
  • Improves processing of WIC benefits, customer service and reduces confusion on which foods items are authorized for purchase. 
         Retailer Training Materials on the eWIC process. 

To submit a product that you feel should be on the APL list, please complete the following form and submit via email to ctwic@ct.gov or fax (860) 509-8391.

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